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The Logos - by - Mark Tolley

Thank you to all those people who have sent me comments about The Logos. Please see some of these below. You can now download the first chapter of The Logos here.

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"Masons, conspiracies, The Bildeburg group, ancient astronomy, maths, fast cars, murder… It's a potent brew, and one that you dish up with considerable panache."

"The Scenes in Cologne Cathedral Rock!"

"The way you entwine all those facts with your fiction and all those myths with reality is most impressive. It becomes near impossible to fathom where the real world ends and your imagination begins, and that's seductive and fascinating"

"What a great read; if this is your first go Dan Brown needs to watch out.  I REALLY enjoyed it.  I finally got the chance to finish it on a really boring course last week. I thought the characters were explained well and I did not twig to the mystery female until right towards the end.  What a bitch! My next door neighbour is a FM so I will grill him when he comes round for dinner next time!"

"Interesting content, fantastic premise and a fast-paced, delightful"

"Dan Brown move over. Actually, I see more potential here than in the Da Vinci Code. You have a thriller, with all the threads weaving in and out to create a marvellous story, a page turner with the mysterious suspicion of myths creeping into today.. I really like this. Your character development is very thorough: they're rich many-faceted. I like the Big Brother aspect too with Jenny the inventor and having a relationship with the politician. I cannot think of a single thing that isn't great."

"Never having read The Da Vinci Code because it received such a drubbing by the critics - saw the film though, simply dire - I came to Logos without any preconceived ideas and so no comparison made! I thought the title interesting and original and that's what attracted me in the first place. Not disappointed! Logos is a good read, a book that I shall enjoy."

"This is fabulous.....Thriller writers are under pressure to keep to pace, even when filling in backdrop....You manage that brilliantly....I found myself racing through this......"

"Fascinating, fast and incredibly good read.  I just finished it after starting it yesterday! The good research stood you in good stead and I have to say - Dan Brown watch out!"

"I loved this book!  Religious conspiracies, numbers and secret societies are so right up my ally.  I can’t claim I followed every little detail concerning the history of everything, but it all made sense and came together nicely.  I can tell this work has been a labor of love for you and my compliments here cannot do it justice.  I mean, oh my God [;-)] this is an amazing work!  I can’t wait until Mark Tolley and The Logos are household words here in the States."

"A very interesting and enthralling read. I love the archaeological/astronomy connection within the story. Well woven into a really good novel of the top grade."

"This is an intense thriller. The opening prologue sets the scene and tone of the novel. The plot is fast, tension rising even within the first chapter. The threads are expertly woven, bringing layering and texture to the story. Superb prose without undue recourse to metaphor or simile. The dialogue is great driving the plot forward. This is a complex and sophisticated read with all the themes of f religion, astronomy and archaeology to make for a riveting and absorbing read."

"The booth is empty . . . there was no way he could have got out . . . they couldn't have lost him!" Well, I guess they could. You haven't lost me, though, I'm coming back to read more of the thriller. It's got many different avenues where it can go. When you're dealing with the Freemasons and the Bilderberg Group, anything can happen and probably will.

"This is a very interesting and complex plot here, with a wealth of interesting characters. I love how in each section a part of the plot unravels as you lead the reader through the intricacies of this thrilling, gripping journey."

"Well the brilliant pitch hooked me for a start and on starting to read the first paragraph does its job beautifully, I was surprised to read about an 85 year old man climbing but the writing was brilliant and the end of the paragraph is so sad. It also makes you want to read on as you want to why this is happening. Excellent writing that promises a brilliant story."

"This is an exciting and original book whose pitch outlines a great plot. Your characters are well drawn, and come vigorously to life. Jenny is a very attractive, easy to relate to, central character. Adam is an unusual person, sculptor, lecturer, ex-army. Richard, although clearly he won't be part of the future plot development, is still an interesting and individual person for the short time we know him. All these people have inter-linked relationships, which provoke our interest. Adam's dreams and his childhood background make him someone we want to read more about. Jenny is also a character whose background helps to make her real. Your settings, particularly in Bath, are beautiful and well described. Your style is clear and flowing, and your dialogue is very natural."

"It's a complicated premise, and a wonderfully enticing mixture you're serving up in this novel, packed with incident and freemasonry has a cachet all of its own"

"Your story, with the promise of glimpses into freemasonry and associated conspiracies, is indeed 'a potent brew.' There is still a powerful mystique to contemporary freemasonry, whilst its origins and its extraordinary influence across the world have been the subject both of fiction and non-fiction.
However, I think your premise is undoubtedly original and your story, through the prologue and the narrative on Barabbas to the link with Adam's nightmare, promised a new perspective in a new voice"

"Your work is so thoughtful; indeed, you went to where the Da Vinci code and the Lost Symbol dreaded. Tying together religion and astronomy, politics and power and then the four aspects (religion, astronomy, politics and power) in such a perfect harmony - the whole thing sounds more real than fiction. Keep it up."

"This is a very clever book, intelligently written and very well structured.
I very much like the shift in timeline, not only does it keep the readers attention it creates a wonder around how this is all going to be pulled together, a very big plus from my perspective."

"Is this the sort of book Dan Brown writes? I've never read any of his, but if they're anything like this, I will. This is a brilliant thriller - plot, narrative, character, it's excellent in every direction."

"Good, fast-paced action novel. I like this a lot."

"Incredible book, Mark. You have a wonderful talent for writing. My only real criticism is that you didn't upload the rest of it!!! I couldn't stop reading!"

"Wow! That’s quite a plot you have going there! I’m impressed. No idea where we’re going and I’m awestruck with the scope of what you have set up in the first chapter. And I like the way you surprise me. First thing, “…What if the Daemons are not freed?” That’s one hell of a hook. No idea what he means, but I just know I want to find out. Then I guess we’re in the time of Solomon, but I wouldn’t take anything for granted from you! See the second thing is that we have Barabbas killing someone and then he says he has a train to catch. And I just assumed he was the biblical Barabbas and we were in Jerusalem. Nicely fooled me there! And then again you do it a third time. The dream sequence is only revealed to be a dream when we get to the end and I had been wondering what the hell you were up to. You are a master! Next you bring in Jenny and the scope of the story gets wider. Michael warned of a threat to his life by a priest of all people. Where is this going now? You begin linking then. The boss of the partner firm to Jenny’s company is murdered by someone. Jenny meets Adam. His brother is found dead, must be one of the dead bodies from earlier. Barabbas turns up again, and then disappears down some sort of secret tunnel in the Monument of all places. What a marvellously detailed and perfectly crafted plot. What a scope! And then the gold object waiting to be found is a perfect maguffin. I like Richard, Adam and Jenny and your characterisation is good."

"This is brilliant work - gripping, intensely detailed and richly human in all the right places. You have a distinctive narrative voice which helps this stand out even further from the crowd, and I enjoyed myself immensely."

"This is a very clever book, intelligently written and very well structured.
I very much like the shift in timeline, not only does it keep the readers attention it creates a wonder around how this is all going to be pulled together, a very big plus from my perspective."

"Good thriller. Good settings and complications right and left."

"Good, fast-paced action novel. I like this a lot. I found it gripping."

"This is very very promising. Clean writing, sinister (and not so sinister) characters, intriguing interwoven scenes."

"Normally not my genre but this is very well written from the pitch to the prose."

"This is dynamic writing. The cinematic switch of scenes. The short sentences. The spareness and immediacy of the prose. The crispness and reality of the dialogue. The intricacy and skill of the plot."

"The pitch threw me right into the story and the story doesn't disappoint. Excellent writing. Keep it up."