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The Logos - by - Mark Tolley

The Logos is not just another conspiracy book. It covers a range of subjects and has an exciting storyline running through it.

As the book evolves, the reader will find it an intellectually challenging read and some may think quite complicated. In the author’s mind, it is not complicated, just complex. It builds layer upon layer - leading the reader inside a world that they live in daily but hardly every notice.

This book will make you think and you will learn from reading it. It has everything that should be in a novel. Fantastic research, fantastic story and the opportunity to learn about new subjects while you read.

Below are just some of the topics covered in The Logos

Modern Technology – QinetiQ
Science and Physics
Religion – where it comes from and why we have to believe
Mathematics, Geometry and Architecture
Gematria – used to unlock the Bible
The rise of ancient civilisations, their technology and their beliefs
Jesus tomb in Kashmir – Rozabal
Freemasonry - its origins and ceremonies
Bilderberg - The most powerful group of people in the world
The Nephilim – one of the greatest unknown stories in the Bible
The origins of the bible itself and of the stories within it
Stonehenge, Newgrange and other megalithic sites – How they work
Politics, politicians and the ensuing power struggles

Obviously if you are a fan of works such as Dan Browns books, The Logos will instantly appeal to you

However, even if this type of novel does not normally appeal to you, but you do like books that can genuinely expand your mind, The Logos is guaranteed to offer you an intellectually stimulating read.




The Logos is much more that just a novel - It is an allegorical tale

A story within a story

A tale within a tale

Within the Novel is a Story

A story that took years to research

A story about beliefs - Beliefs that we follow blindly

Even when we are shown that what we believe may not be true

The Jewish and Muslim people genuinely believe Jesus was a prophet

Christians genuinely believe that Jesus was the Son of God

Every documented ancient civilisation genuinely believed that the Sun - was a God

Freemasons do not discuss religion - but all have to believe

Beliefs are strange - We only believe in what we know -  or in many cases, what we don’t know

How can 2 billion Christians be right and 1.5 Billion Muslims be wrong – or vice versa

Especially when they revere the same God

I wrote the book to be challenging and entertaining but at the same time to encourage readers to ask questions. To question their own beliefs.  It may be controversial but that’s because it portrays a version of the bible and history that genuinely might have been

A version of history that is written allegorically and sometimes in plain sight in our bible and other religious texts

The Logos unpicks the very fabric of the bible, Freemasonry and the ancient civilisations that put them together

the logos


Lo·gos (pronounced Lo-Gos)

1. Philosophy
a. In pre-Socratic philosophy, the principle governing the cosmos, the source of this principle, or human reasoning about the cosmos.
b. Among the Sophists, the topics of rational argument or the arguments themselves.
c. In Stoicism, the active, material, rational principle of the cosmos; nous. Identified with God, it is the source of all activity and generation and is the power of reason residing in the human soul.

2. Judaism
a. In biblical Judaism, the word of God, which itself has creative power and is God's medium of communication with the human race.
b. In Hellenistic Judaism, a hypostasis associated with divine wisdom.

3. Christianity
a. In Saint John's Gospel, especially in the prologue (1:1-14), the creative word of God, which is itself God and incarnate in Jesus. Also called Word
b. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God

Greek – Logos =  λόγος